Cohesion Policy Stands By You

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The EU-funded project “Cohesion Policy Stands by you!” is implemented for a duration of 12 months, starting from September 2022, until August 2023, by a consortium of four partners. These are Aspon Consulting (Cyprus), Alpha Cyprus (Cyprus), Innovation Hive (Greece) and GEInnova (Spain). The general objective of the project is to inform primarily Cypriot but also Spanish, Greek and EU citizens about the Cohesion Policy, the results of its investments mostly in participating in the project countries but also across EU as well as Cohesion Policy’s impact on people’s lives. By meeting the general objective, it is expected that the people throughout the three aforementioned countries will be more aware about the investments in their respective countries/regions/areas/cities and that in the discussion emerged will participate well informed people having a lot to contribute to setting the future priorities of the Regional Policy and, broader, of the EU.
The four specific objectives of the project are to:

●      Inform people about the fact that the Cohesion Policy is an investment tool from which are benefitting all EU countries and regions alike.

●      Disseminate detailed information about specific projects funded through Cohesion Policy and covering all Regional Policy’s priorities as well as to make ordinary people share the impact that the aforementioned projects had on their lives

●      Engage with people and stakeholders in order to inspire a discussion on Cohesion Policy, its results, its support in Member States to meet EU’s political priorities as well as its future

●      Make the local people participate in a project related to one of the most important EU common policies, and as a result, to make them participate in the EU affairs

To meet the general and the specific objectives of the project, the consortium will proceed with the implementation of an awareness raising campaign including both traditional and new media. Apart for the activities related to the project management, the campaign will include the following activities:


Specific events organization on specific dates:

●      Celebrating Europe day 2023 (May, 2023).

●      Celebrating World bicycle day (June 2023)

●      Celebrating International day for monuments and sites (April 2023)

●      Treasure hunt

●      Online game:


For more information, you can visit the project’s social media websites: