Environmental Management and Resource Efficiency

At Aspon Consulting we help our clients achieve better environmental and commercial outcomes. We specialise in the areas of resource management (covering waste and recycling, energy and carbon), policy & strategy, management systems, project management support and environmental impact assessments. Our team combines the highest levels of analytical and operational expertise with a high degree of professional competence and efficiency, to respond quickly to our clients’ environmental management needs.

We can support you with:

Waste Management and Recycling

We can advise your organisation on all aspects relating to residual waste and recycling collection services, waste management, waste treatment and procurement relating to waste services. Our approaches draw on practical and operational expertise, financial know-how and our extensive experience on how to deliver change to public- and private-sector organisations.

Energy Management

We can assist you with strategic and technical evaluation work pertaining to energy management, to include monitoring and measurement of your consumption, efficiency reviews, review of regulatory compliance and permitting (where relevant), financial and techno-economic modelling and research and analysis of datasets. Whether you’re responding to new policies and regulations, developing a new technology or taking a proactive approach to managing your office’s energy use, we can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Carbon Management

The team at Aspon has extensive experience in measuring and managing an organisation’s carbon footprint. We can help you implement process for monitoring your consumption of resources, such as energy and water, your production of waste, as well as your transport and travel, to establish your baseline carbon footprint. We can also offer bespoke recommendations for managing and reducing your footprint.

Policy and Strategy

We can support your organisation in developing a range of environmental strategies and policies, whether at the European, national, regional or local level. These can range from generic company-wide environmental policies to specific waste management plans, waste prevention and energy reduction policies. We can also work with your organisation to strategically shift practices and behaviours to improve resource management and reduce waste production, as part of a transition to a circular economy.

Management Systems

If you’re interested in an environmental or sustainability management systems for your organisation, such as ISO 140001 or EMAS (the EU’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), we can help your organisation develop and implement the system, review and evaluate it on a regular basis and get certified by an independent third-party.

Project Management Support

As PRINCE2™ certified project managers, we can support you with the management of your project or programme, through inception to completion. We can liaise with the client, provide progress reports, organise events, maintain the agreed timelines, engage stakeholders and evaluate the project upon completion.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

We can provide expert support on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), from strategic advice to the delivery of specific technical services, including inhouse experienced scientists and consultants. We can also support you with environmental monitoring (noise, air, water), licensing and compliance which meets national and international environmental legislation and standards. Our experience extends to a diverse range of sectors, such as commercial and residential development, infrastructure and waste. In collaboration with clients, we establish project goals early so that succeeding activities are directed toward efficient, environmentally sound and timely resolutions.


We can also provide other environmentally-related services such as (but not limited to) technical support, research and evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, life-cycle assessment, modelling, packaging review and optimisation and procurement.

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If you’re interested in our services relating to Environmental Management and Resource Efficiency or require support with a related service that may not be listed here, please email us at info@aspon.com.cy for more information. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and objectives.