The EU-funded project “EMPLOY ME: Digital paths to motivate and include young 2nd generation migrants in employment” aims to support young 2nd generation migrants to overcome all the main challenges and make their way into employment more than obvious and imminent.


Key Features of the Project:

●      Comprehensive Handbook: A meticulously curated handbook covering 10 essential employability skills, offering practical insights, real-world examples, and actionable strategies.

●      Innovative Online Platform: An interactive and user-friendly online platform featuring gamification elements, designed to enhance the learning experience and encourage active participation.

●      Tailored Learning Paths: Participants can personalize their learning journey, focusing on specific skills or following a comprehensive curriculum, adapting the program to their unique needs and goals.


The positive impact of the EMPLOY ME project is:

1) Increased quality in the Youth Working programs that are offered in order to improve and develop learners’ employability skills and local recognition in partners’ countries.

2) Upgraded employability skills and competences of unemployed 2nd generation migrants;

3) Increased awareness of the multiple benefits that increasing the employability of 2nd generation migrants can bring to local societies and economies;

4) Enhanced interaction among practice, research and policy in the field of youth work;

5) Promotion of the issue of migrants’ social inclusion through action that promotes their inclusion into education and, mainly, employment at a European level.

For more information, check out the project’s website and social media pages: