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EU-CIEMBLY - Creating an Inclusive European Citizens’ Assembly

At EU-CIEMBLY, we are dedicated to advancing the principles of intersectionality, inclusiveness, and equality within the realm of European democracy. Our initiative responds to the growing need for new forms of citizen participation and deliberation in EU political life, particularly through the establishment of an EU Citizens’ Assembly.

Objectives and Ambition

Our objectives at EU-CIEMBLY are deeply rooted in the evolving landscape of deliberative and participatory democracy. We recognize the global momentum behind innovative democratic mechanisms, exemplified by the emergence of Citizens’ Assemblies in various countries including Germany, Spain, Ireland, France, and Italy.

With a keen focus on the European Union, we aim to address the shortcomings of existing participatory instruments highlighted by the European Parliament, striving to make citizen participation more accessible, inclusive, meaningful, and effective.

1.      Theorizing Intersectionality: We endeavor to develop a robust theoretical framework that underpins the intersectional nature of inequality within democratic innovations, particularly within the context of Citizens’ Assemblies. Our objective is to set out guidelines for the creation of intersectional Citizens’ Assemblies that embody inclusiveness, equality, and effective deliberation.

2.      Evaluating Existing Practices: Through evaluation, we seek to assess the effectiveness of current Citizens’ Assemblies at local, national, and EU levels. By identifying exclusionary mechanisms and power imbalances, we aim to generate recommendations for improvement, ensuring the inclusivity and equality of future assemblies.

3.      Piloting New Approaches: We are committed to piloting new intersectional Citizens’ Assemblies across selected regions in Europe. By applying theoretical insights and lessons learned from evaluations, our goal is to refine the design, implementation, and evaluation of such assemblies, thereby contributing to the evolution of democratic practices.

4.      Recommendation and Dissemination: Building upon our research and practical experiences, we aim to develop comprehensive guidelines and best practices for the design, implementation, and evaluation of intersectional Citizens’ Assemblies. Through active dissemination and engagement with stakeholders, we seek to promote the adoption of these recommendations, ultimately enhancing democratic practices in Europe and beyond.


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