Our Services

As professionals in the consultancy sector with multiple years of experience and expertise, we are committed to ensuring the success of our clients’ businesses. We aim to develop and deliver flexible, timely and innovative solutions, bespoke to the needs and objectives of our clients and by always adhering to our core values.

Our organisational structure reflects the flexibility of the company in responding to the demanding needs of our clients.

We offer services relating to:

Business Plans and Financing Support

Aspon Consulting can help your organisation develop a business plan and/or a feasibility study for any proposed investment, and support you in securing financing through our local and international network of contacts. We specifically target EU financing pots such as the ‘Juncker Plan’ (Investment Plan for Europe) which runs until 2020, and the InvestEU Programme which will run from 2021 through to 2027. We also utilize instruments such as the InvestEU Advisory Hub and InvestEU Portal (formerly the European Investment Project Portal or EIPP) to increase the visibility of your project. 

Aspon Consulting’s expertise in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability can help your organisation grow sustainably while fulfilling its commercial goals and business objectives. Sustainability is a holistic management approach that once embedded into each company’s business model and core strategy, can provide added value to that organisation, and to the community and the environment in which the company operates. It is also a framework that can help companies identify, prevent and mitigate possible adverse impacts and risks. Our suite of services on corporate responsibility and sustainability also include consulting on corporate social responsibility (CSR), which we implement using the ISO 26000 standard on social responsibility. 

Environmental Management and Resource Efficiency

At Aspon Consulting we help our clients achieve better environmental and commercial outcomes. We specialise in the areas of resource management (covering waste and recycling, energy and carbon), policy & strategy, management systems, project management support and environmental impact assessments. Our team combines the highest levels of analytical and operational expertise with a high degree of professional competence and efficiency, to respond quickly to our clients’ environmental management needs.

European Programs and Grants

Aspon Consulting has extensive experience in the field of developing, managing and implementing European transnational and transregional projects for the public and private sectors, including for non-governmental organisations (NGOs). We can support your business in developing a project idea, forming partnerships, drafting proposals and successfully applying for a range of European programs and grants, to cover areas such as, but not limited to, entrepreneurship, culture, technology, training, health, environment and education. We can also help you successfully project manage, implement and monitor co-funded projects you have won, as your strategic partner. 

The team at Aspon are certified trainers and can design and deliver bespoke training programs bespoke to your organisation’s needs. Our training areas cover our scope of services, to include Business Plans and Financing Support, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Management, Environmental Management and Resource Efficiency and European Programs and Grants 

The 7 Toolkit – Your Pathway to Resilience

The 7 Toolkit is a unique piece of software that evaluates organisations of any size, sector and industry, their subsidiaries, supply chains and members on corporate responsibility and sustainability and related risks. The pioneering web-based software follows the structure of the ISO 26000 standard (the international standard on social responsibility) and complies with numerous other international standards on sustainability. It is fully customisable and the only software solution currently on the market that can help your organisation, its supply chain, subsidiaries and/or members evaluate and improve their current sustainability performance and exposure to related risks, from start to finish. The toolkit can help you identify current gaps, engage stakeholders, identify and prioritise material issues, set actions and KPIs, draft a sustainability strategy and track your performance over time, thereby becoming more resilient. It can also help you rank and screen your suppliers, subsidiaries and/or members based on their sustainability performance evaluation scores, so that you can flag any issues and physical audits needed.