The 7 Toolkit – Your Pathway to Resilience

Aspon Consulting and its long time partner CSR Company International are in the process of setting up the T7Toolkit Company for our unique software tool. After successfully developing and launching the software over the last year, the two partners have now decided to create a separate entity for the software to easier develop, market and sell the product. The 7 Toolkit is a unique piece of software that evaluates organisations of any size, sector and industry, their subsidiaries, supply chains and members on corporate responsibility and sustainability and related risks. The pioneering web-based software follows the structure of the ISO 26000 standard (the international standard on social responsibility) and complies with numerous other international standards on sustainability. It is fully customisable and the only software solution currently on the market that can help your organisation, its supply chain, subsidiaries and/or members evaluate and improve their current sustainability performance and exposure to related risks, from start to finish. The toolkit can help you identify current gaps, engage stakeholders, identify and prioritise material issues, set actions and KPIs, draft a sustainability strategy and track your performance over time, thereby becoming more resilient. It can also help you rank and screen your suppliers, subsidiaries and/or members based on their sustainability performance evaluation scores, so that you can flag any issues and physical audits needed. 

About the 7 Toolkit:

  • It was developed via a collaboration between CSR Company International (based in Austria) and Aspon Consulting (based in Cyprus).
  • It is a web-based tool that is fully customizable.
  • It has three main focuses:
    • Self-evaluation tool to help organisations evaluate and improve their own sustainability performance;
    • Risk management tool on sustainability for supply chain/subsidiaries/members; and
    • Support tool for consultancies offering sustainability services to clients.
  • It follows the ISO 26000 structure (international standard on social responsibility).

The 7 Toolkit is compliant with other sustainability standards, to include, but not limited to:

  • UN Global Compact (UNGC) Principles;
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs);
  • GRI Reporting Standard;
  • German Sustainability Codex;
  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises; and
  • United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

By licensing the 7 Toolkit for one year, you will get access to its full suite of services:

  • Gap Analysis
    • Evaluation of your organisation’s current sustainability performance and risk exposure using a two-score (performance and relevance & significance) system.
  • Materiality Assessment
    • Stakeholder engagement; and
    • Identification and prioritisation of material issues for the organisation. 
  • Actions & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Setting of actions and KPIs to address the organisation’s priorities for improvement in a strategy. 
  • Database of Historic Data
    • Secure depository of your information;
    • On-demand access to your information; and
    • Comparison of your organisation’s performance over time.
  • Scoring, Ranking and Screening of Suppliers/Subsidiaries/Members
    • Helping suppliers/subsidiaries/members evaluate and improve their sustainability performance; and
    • Bespoke scoring, ranking and screening criteria for flagging issues and the need for physical audits.

Users (a maximum of 2 per license) will also receive tailored web-based training on how to use the toolkit and technical support for the duration of the license.

Why the 7 Toolkit?

  • It has a simple methodology.
  • The analytics are in-depth and robust; an organisation is evaluated on 7 core subjects, 41 issues of interest and over 330 key considerations. 
  • It is a versatile fully customisable tool both in terms of the criteria used for the evaluation, the ranking and the screening. 
  • The results are immediate and are presented in graphics that are visually appealing, interactive and can be exported for use in reporting

Organisations are facing increased pressures to be sustainable and responsible, whether that’s from clients, employees, regulatory bodies, shareholders, or other relevant stakeholders. Software solutions that are based on international standards for sustainability are in demand, and there is currently limited competition available locally and internationally. Furthermore, there is no software currently on the market that offers a comprehensive all-encompassing solution to organisations to evaluate and improve their own sustainability performance and that of their supply chain, subsidiaries and/or members. This is where the 7 Toolkit comes in; your pathway to resilience. 

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